Begin your breastfeeding journey with personalised education and support

Learn the gentle and natural approach and be empowered to trust your body, your baby and your instincts throughout birth, breastfeeding and beyond.

You don't have to figure out breastfeeding alone.

Whether you’re pregnant or already breastfeeding, we are here to work with and beside you as you prepare for your own unique birth and breastfeeding journey.

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Services We Offer

Beautiful Breastfeeding Program

Feel fully prepared for your personal birth and breastfeeding journey with proactive education and support through our comprehensive Beautiful Breastfeeding Program.

This package includes one 60min online consult once your baby is earthside.


Private Consultation

A one-on-one consultation between yourself and Kelly, where you have the chance to discuss any concerns, focusing on your unique situation, whether you are pregnant or already breastfeeding. This face-to-face consultation is had in the comfort of your home

(Sydney, Australia). A 45min online follow up consult is included.


*an additional fee of $70 is charged for any location outside a 20km radius of Ryde, NSW.

Breastfeeding Rescue

A Breastfeeding Rescue is applicable in the early days/weeks of birth where urgent support is required in overcoming any breastfeeding challenges. You will be scheduled as a priority booking with our Thompson Method Practitioner, Kelly.








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In the Beautiful Breastfeeding Program, you'll benefit from personalised guidance and support from myself and my team at Nature & Nurture breastfeeding.

Safe Space

to ask all your birth and breastfeeding questions

so you know you're not alone on your journey

Caring Community

to feel confident as you prepare for your estimated due date

Expert Assistance

Receive step-by-step guidance in a supportive setting.

You'll never be left alone to "figure it out". Here at Nature & Nurture Breastfeeding,

we're here to work with and beside you every step of the way.


Module 1

Preparing for Birth

& Breastfeeding

Understand how your labour and birth experience can influence your breastfeeding journey, and feel prepared to advocate for your and your baby's needs.

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Module 2

How to Establish Breastfeeding

Know what to do immediately after birth so you're less likely to have to feed your baby formula and more likely to begin your breastfeeding journey pain-free.

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Module 3

How to Sustain Breastfeeding

Discover key principles to reducing volume-related complications and understand how to regulate your milk volume if any challenges arise.

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Module 4

Preventing Painful Nipple Trauma

Learn a gentle positioning method to help avoid or relieve painful, grazed, or damaged nipples—even if you've previously experienced nipple pain or trauma.

*If your estimated due date is fast approaching, ask us about our one-day program to accommodate busy schedules.

Mother Breastfeeding Her Newborn Baby at Home, Closeup

Beautiful Breastfeeding also includes:

Interactive "Ask a Midwife"

Zoom Calls

Personalised guidance from Dr Robyn Thompson and her expert team of midwives, during your pregnancy.

Postpartum Breastfeeding Support

Live, group support from Dr Robyn Thompson and her team of midwives, after your baby arrives to address any early breastfeeding complications.

The Thompson Method Online Breastfeeding Program

Lifetime access to the full Thompson Method Breastfeeding Course and access to 24/7 support in the Breastfeeding Club.


A Healthcare Provider's Guide to the Thompson Method

Equip your medical team to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.


A Partner's Guide to the Thompson Method

Empower your partner to advocate for you during birth and breastfeeding.


A Grandparent's Guide to the Thompson Method

Prepare family and friends to support your breastfeeding journey.

Connect your way.

Meeting Room

In-Person Local Support

Meet with us in-person along with other expecting mothers for small group sessions in Inner West Sydney, Australia


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Meet with us in small group online sessions along with other expecting mothers from around the world


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The faces behind

Nature & Nurture Breastfeeding

Meet Kelly

Meet Chrystal

Kelly is a Registered Nurse, IBCLC, Certified Thompson Method Practitioner and a mother of six beautifully breastfed babies.

Kelly's breastfeeding challenges

with her 6th baby reignited her passion for breastfeeding and education. Kelly now dedicates

herself to guide, nurture and

support hundreds of mothers

on their breastfeeding


Chrystal is a Certified Thompson Method Educator, a mother of two beautifully breastfed babies and

is passionate about sharing

Dr Robyn's research to support women in making informed

and empowered choices

about their birth and

breastfeeding journeys.

The Beautiful Breastfeeding program teaches The Thompson Method—a gentle, natural approach proven to reduce the risk of common breastfeeding complications.

What mothers have to say about Kelly

and her team at Nature & Nurture Breastfeeding...

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Feel fully prepared and confident.

With proactive education and support in the Beautiful Breastfeeding program, you will:

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Enjoy a sense of community as you prepare for birth and breastfeeding.

Feel empowered and in control of your labour, birth, and breastfeeding journey, even in the event of a planned or emergency C-section.

Understand how to reduce the risk of breastfeeding complications, even if you've experience them in the past.

Know that your partner is prepared to support your breastfeeding goals from the start.

Establish and maintain your breast milk supply so you can provide the best possible nutrition for your baby, for as long as you choose.

Feel ready to self-advocate and give your baby the best possible start to breastfeeding.

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A Certified Practitioner is here for you.

"Our ultimate aim is to help you to reduce the risk of painful breastfeeding complications so that you can not only be in control of your breastfeeding journey, but so you can truly enjoy the precious time spent between a mother and her baby."

- Dr Robyn, founder of The Thompson Method

Dr Robyn Thompson, PhD

Founder of The Thompson Method

Breastfeeding can be





Connect with

Kelly & Chrystal.

If we're not near you, don't worry! We offer online options at convenient times so everyone can participate.

Feel confident and prepared.

Discover an gentle approach to positioning and latching, know how to establish and maintain your breast milk supply, and understand how to avoid painful nipples from the start.

Breastfeed for as long as you choose.

Even if you encounter challenges, you’ll feel at ease knowing our amazing support team, and our incredible community have your back at any stage of your birth and breastfeeding journey.

Beauty Pregnant Woman Smile

The best time to focus on breastfeeding is your baby arrives.


Three good reasons to skip past "wait and see"...

Postpartum can be overwhelming.

Adding a tiny one to your life is a big transition! You'll be navigating new normals and learning so much on the fly. By learning to breastfeed now, you'll be able to enjoy the journey instead of worrying through it.

You'll soon have less free time.

It's no secret that newborns require time and energy—all of which are in short supply in those early days and weeks. Use the "extra" time you have now to grow your knowledge and confidence.

Early complications can derail breastfeeding.

Mothers who experience complications in the early hours and days of breastfeeding are more likely to give up before they want to. With advance preparation, you're less likely to experience those complications.

Beautiful Breastfeeding is the personalised guidance and support you and your baby


Learn the gentle, natural approach and have permission to trust your instincts, your body, and your baby through birth, breastfeeding, and beyond.

Mother Breastfeeding Her Newborn Baby at Home, Closeup

In need of a private consultation?

Breastfeeding Rescue

Receive one-on-one support with a

A Breastfeeding Rescue can help you reclaim

breastfeeding journey

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Even if you have painful, cracked, or bleeding nipples.

Even if you've been pumping day and night trying to increase your milk volume.

Even if you've tried multiple lactation consultations with little or no success.

Even if your baby is crying and unsettled and nothing seems to help.

Even if your baby has a tongue- or lip-tie.

Even if you've had breastfeeding complications in the past.

control of your

Gentle guidance.

Non-judgemental support.

We understand how challenging breastfeeding complications can be for both you and your baby—particularly after a difficult or traumatic birth. The last thing you need is someone giving you one-size-fits-all advice for your unique situation.

During your Breastfeeding Rescue, you'll feel heard, nurtured, and respected by Thompson Method Breastfeeding Practitioner, Kelly. And while we can't offer a 100% guarantee for a perfect outcome, we do promise to offer personalised care and to fully support any decision you make.


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Questions? Check out our FAQs

"We are here to work with and beside you"

Nature & Nurture Breastfeeding

Kelly Faytrouni + Chrystal Gardiman

Registered Nurse, Thompson Method Practitioner, IBCLC

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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